Sunday, July 8, 2012

California 2012

At the end of June, Jamon and Rees volunteered to work at a VidCon Convention so they could get free admittance and meet a lot of interesting people. The convention was happening in Anaheim so we thought we would make a family try out of it. We had such a great time and the boys were soooo good. Usually when we go on trips with Tracee and Rees, Braxton will not sleep. He wakes us up all night long. I think we wore him out so much on this trip though, he didn't wake up once during the night. Yay Braxton!! The trip was full of the beach, Disney rides, food, and a lot of laughing.

Day 1....

Pit stop at a Burger King play place to get rid of wiggles:)

I hate big boy car seats. Soooo uncomfortable for him!
                                                 Straight to Huntington. The boys loved it!

Keegan HATES the sun. Getting him to smile outdoors is so difficult. Aunt Tracee and Uncle Rees bought Keegan some sunglasses and showed him that if he has the glasses on, he can smile with his eyes closed and nobody would ever know. He pretty much loves his sunglasses. He also thinks he looks really cool in them, as you can tell from the pose he set up and then asked me to take a picture:)

Day 2.....
The boys were headed off to work at the convention in their cute matching t shirts

And we were off to DISNEYLAND!!!!

I am so glad I have a kid who loves Splash Mountain as much as I do:)

Snack time

We had just gone on Star Tours. The churro became a light saber:)

Braxton's favorite ride was the carousel! He loved being on that tall horse
So did Keegan.

Dumbo was another ride he loved. He was squealing the whole time

Around 8:00, the hubbies came to get the boys. They had pulled a 12 hour day and were ready to go home. Me and Tracee however, wanted to pull a 16 hour day so we stayed until midnight!!!

Day 3...

World's largest skateboard

A little bit of Bocos Locos advertising...

Day 4...

One last beach trip

A treat before the long ride home

This is Keegan watching old Mickey Mouse shorts. I found it at the library and he thought they were so funny!!
This was such a fun and much needed vacation. Thanks Tracee and Rees for coming along:)


Ian, Jessica, Halle, Camdyn, and Quinn! said...

FUN! Your hair is ADORABLE by the way! Can't wait to take my girls to disneyland. Keegan is so cute, I feel like him and Halle would hit it off, she is full of shinanagens and he seems to be similar from what I see ;)

Jen said...

seriously awesome trip!!!!

SO fun and can't get over your haircut. You totally rock it!!!

Can't wait to take my kids to Cali!