Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Sweet Braxton

Our Brax turned 1 on the 28th! I cannot believe that year has already flown by and I also can't believe I survived that year. Brax is the most special thing but he was put here to challenge me. I think Heavenly Father was preparing me for what was to come with him because I started stressing before he was even born. He was a super easy delivery, long, but easy. My body wasn't cooperating with me in regards to health and in nursing. Brax wasn't cooperating either. He was a HORRIBLE sleeper. I don't know how I got through those first 8 1/2 months because I literally did not sleep. I think I got 1 full REM cycle the whole time. Luckily, when he was awake, or supposed to be awake, he was a blast. Good thing because his chances of survival were dwindling as well;) Anyways, I was always receiving comments about what a happy baby he was. He has this smile the completely changes his face. His eyes have this amazing twinkle that shows an incredible amount of vivaciousness and curiosity for such a little guy. And he is definitely curious! This kid is into everything (especially the toilet and any kind of cabinet). He has a hilarious laugh that makes everyone around him catch on. One of my favorite things about Braxton is his sense of rhythm. THIS KID CAN DANCE!!! I have never seen a baby shake their hips like Braxton can (a video will follow soon). He loves music and loves dancing with his brother. I am starting to ramble so I will just list his favorites at one year...
Veggies: peas, carrots, NO green beans!
Fruit: peaches, bananas, mandarin oranges, and grapes after Mom bites all the peel off
Other favorite foods: yogurt, freeze dried friut and veggie drops, ICE-CREAM!
Other favs: Dancing, music, Elmo, being outside, putting things on his head (food, dish towels, socks, etc.), His Mom (way too much), Keegan's LEGOS, and phones
Words: Dada, hi (as he puts his hand up to his ear like a phone), moos like a cow, woofs like a dog, baba (bottle)
Other things he can do: first steps at 11 months, puts himself to sleep, high fives:)

 We love our Braxton so dang much! He does the funniest little things that make our hearts melt every day. Keegan adores him and we are so grateful to have him as a part of our family. He is exactly what I needed to improve as a mother and I am so grateful for the "Braxton Challenge" as hard as it may be sometimes. We love you Brax! Happy Birthday!!!

 And just a cute pic of my boys from last Sunday:)

A Day Hike

Our very, very good friends are leaving us:( The Elliotts are moving away and we are going to miss them like crazy. Before, moving away means a short drive away or bye for now but we will see you in a month or two. This time seems much more permanent. Dustin is doing his internships and will soon be graduated. Then they will find a place to settle down and who knows how often we will see them. I put off being emotional about it for a really long time. I even started to distance myself so it wouldn't hurt so bad when the time came. Well, it still sucked. The day they left Jerz brought over a really sweet pic of me and her and a big collage of the kids together doing all the things we love to do with them. I heard Makenna tell Keegan that it was so he wouldn't forget her. I am tearing up just writing this! Anyways, it was a hard good-bye and we already miss them like crazy. The Monday before they left, me and the boys got to go on a day trip with them. unfortunately we had to have a change of plans but it still ended up involving a creek and wet kids.
Best Buddies!
The Brax's first fat lip!
These two are the funniest, especially when they are together. They can always make us laugh:)
They aren't the best pics but Peonies are my favorite flower and I found this bush at an ice cream shop in Strawberry. They said the bush was put in when the little cabin was and the cabin was a hundred years old! I didn't even know they can grow in Arizona

Memorial Day Birthday

Braxton has a very special birthday. Every once in a while, it will fall on Memorial Day like it did this year. So when he is in school, he is going to think that they will have days off just to celebrate him:) This year, we went up to the Homestead for work weekend instead of having a fun party for him. We had such a good time with Jamon's family and Rees and Tracee got to join us in the mountains too. These first two pics are of Jamon and his Dad working on the new winch. This is a machine Jamon has been working on that basically sits on a bank and pulls a rope in enabling a non-boat owner to wakeboard. It was so fun to go watch the first test-run in the nasty, muddy pond up there:)

 So I said we went up to the mountains instead of having a birthday party but you all know I can't do that:) So I took the party to the mountains! We had cupcakes that looked like campfires (no pics, sorry) and some cute camping banners hung up. His face was so serious when we all sang to him but he LOVED his cupcake!

 This was his gift, I think Keegan likes it more though
His thing right now is lifting things. Can you tell?
We got to go on a really beautiful hike one of the days. Punkin (my mom, to clarify for a particular cousin-in-law) sent up a few fun things and the magnifying glass was definitely a hit!
This is Reddy. Keegan spotted him and is still talking about him.
 The sweat pants patrol

And by the way, is anyone freaking out about the new and improved Blogger? I love it!!