Monday, April 16, 2012

April, Oh April! (viewer discretion is advised!)

This is a month that will be hard to forget! We had enjoyed an awesome Saturday of Conference talks and were looking forward to all the ones on Sunday. After the morning session, Jamon was taking a nap, Brax and Keegan were playing, and I was making some of the boys's favorite things for lunch, including guacamole. STUPID AVOCADOS!!!!!!! The dumb pit was soft or rotten or something and the knife wouldn't stick in it sideways so I could wiggle the pit out. Dumb Kristen stuck the tip of the knife in and it went right through. Through the pit, through the avocado, and through my hand! I was a hysterical mess because it was spurting blood everywhere. Then I realized it went all the way through (I had threw the knife down not knowing that I had pulled it out in order to do that) and I became more hysterical. After a good slap in the face (literally) from the hubby, I realized Keegan was terrified in his bedroom and Brax was fingerpainting in my blood. We eventually made it to the hospital where the kids were picked up and where I became hysterical again knowing there were shots and sewing in the near future. Plus the adrenaline went away so now it was just plain killing me! Let's just say I made a pretty good scene so they took me back immediately:) Next came horrible numbing shots, stitches, a penrose drain so I didn't bleed into my hand, a tetanus shot, pain killers that made me sick, a punkin who came to help because pain killers make me super sick and I only had one hand and a husband in school all day, the penrose drain coming out a few days later, more pain, questions, people telling me how to pit an avocado, and a husband doing the dishes for two weeks straight because I couldn't get my hand wet (that made it all worth it).
ExitThis is a plastic tube called a penrose drain that goes all the way through my hand. Gross.
Jerrilyn came to clean up the blood while we were gone (it was everywhere) but she left this for pictures' sake.
The hand is doing better. Went back to working out today. Still swollen and bruised all over. Also, the middle finger has mostly no feeling and the doctor said when the feeling comes back is a question for God:) They said most of the time it's between 6 months and a year. Wonderful.

Luckily the week after was Easter so I was able to go down to Phoenix with my Mom and not be taking care of the boys with one hand by myself. We had a wedding to go to that same weekend so we got to spend a ton of time with family. It was a super fun weekend!

Easter egg hunt at Punkin'sEaster breakfast on Saturday at the park with the Smith's
Bass Pro on Friday with our wedding babysitters, Tracee and Rees
It was a month that remind me to be grateful for hands and fingers that work, good boys who let me love them so much, a husband who would do anything for me, and a family who is so willing to help when it's needed. I love Easter and the opportunity to further my knowledge of the resurrection and feels the spirit that accompanies those thoughts. I love conference and hearing the talks that I so need to hear. We hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!

Recent Smith Doings

This is my Brax:) I found him in the boy's bedroom one day sitting like this all by himself. He was making his adorable car noises and was having the best time.The Elliott's invited us to a campfire dinner a few weeks ago. They will be moving away soon so we jump on any chance to hang out with them. They will be VERY missed! So will their nice camera that takes very good pictures:)
I'm not sure what these two will do without each other.
Sledding day with the boys
Another ski trip with Keegan. We LOVE Family Fridays!!!!
Birthday present to Keegan from Uncle Josh. Keegan loved it!
Another ski trip for Keegan. I promise it's really cheap! My Dad wanted to go with him one time before the season needed so he, Court, and Rees came up for the day. (Actually Rees was here for three days:)
Punkin watched Brax while Jamon was at school. They came and had lunch with us
Papa was an amazing teacher. Keegan learned so much that day and gained so much confidence!Uh. This boy makes me so happy!!!!!!
So glad this is done for now. This was the last big storm. We had one more little one but I think we are done.