Wednesday, March 21, 2012

So I don't Forget:)

I LOVE my boys. They are the best three things that have ever happened to me. They make me laugh every day and I am so grateful for that! I have a few examples of some things Keegan has said lately that I didn't want to forget...

The other night we had chicken enchiladas for dinner. Keegan ate them (mostly reluctantly like all other meals) and for some reason asked multiple times what they were called. Well, if you don't know Keegan, he loves music. and not nursery rhymes. He loves anything his Dad likes and anything hip-hop or upbeat. I can be flipping through stations in the car and he can recognize a song by only a couple of beats. One of his favorites right now (to my dismay) is International Love with Chris Brown. Anyways, long story short... a couple nights ago he asked if we were having International Love for dinner:)

It's funny how little boys view the world, isn't it? We were walking in a parking lot a couple days ago, after the big snow, and there were puddles everywhere. Keegan said, "Mom, I know where water comes from." Of course I was intrigued and wanted to know more. He told me that water comes from dogs. I thought we were having a moment of dyslexia and so I asked if he meant God. He looked at me like I was an idiot and said, "No, I mean dogs. Their pee. Their pee makes all the water." We talked about God after that:)

Tracee was at our house today. Her and Keegan were watching Dennis the Menace(his new favorite movie) and the bad guy said shut up. Tracee reminded Keegan that we don't say shut up. He agreed but went on to say that Mom and Dad do, when they are fighting. nice. A good reminder that someone is always listening.

And just to clear things up, usually that is a sarcastic, more teasing-like shut up.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Welcome Spring

Spring Break is here!!!!!!!! We are so excited to get some extra Jamon time and for him to have a chance to relax a bit. I have been dealing with some major cabin fever lately. After a trip to the warm weather in Phoenix, it was hard to some home to forty degree days. So, we decided to start or spring break with a trip to Sedona. We got a group together from the dorms and headed to warmer and less windy weather:) The boys, and all the other kids, were such troopers! We can't wait for it to get a little bit warmer so we can play in the water next time.And yes I had both kids but Jamon had two backpacks on, so we were even:)People were almost gawking at us and all our babies and small kids.Keegan was in heaven down by the creek
Isn't he strong!? It would have been a better pic if my child didn't feel that the sun was his worst enemy!!!To find out more about the bump, see the next post
This is one of Keegan's new friends RuthieDon't you just want to squeeze him!?These were my two hiking buddiesIt was such a fun day!! I think the best part was that the four of us actually got to spend a whole day together. Life has been crazy lately and we get into the habit of practically leading separate lives. With all the responsibility of callings, school, homework, jobs, kids, making meals, etc., it's important to make time for each other and reconnect. I was so grateful for today and the chance to do that with my boys. They are my most favorite thing!

The Latest and Greatest

Our big boy finally got to go to the mountain, and not just to watch. A friend of ours took Braxton for the afternoon and we took Keegan up to Snowbowl for one of their family Friday afternoons. I rented skis for the first time in like, 13 years and attempted to teach Keegan. He did great!!! (there is a video on Jamon's Facebook if you want to see more) He picked up on it so quick. Me and Jamon were glowing:)His Uncle Rees even got to come up for his big dayRiding the chairlift was much different when you are going with a four year old! I was terrified the majority of the time!Keegan's other adventure... pretending some flat LEGO board was a skateboard at Punkin's house. He hit a crack so the board stopped and he didn't....The world's biggest goose egg!!! No concussion though:) Remarkably, it didn't give him any black eyes!