Saturday, February 25, 2012

My Keegan is FOUR!!!

I can't believe my Keegan is four now. I remember so well when he first cam to us. He was such a gift. Unfortunately, at the time, I didn't realize what a gem of a baby he was. Any baby is hard for a first time mom, but looking back, I had it really good. To this day he is still such an easy kid. It's so hard to not spoil him because we are just constantly thankful for having such a sweet, kind, and funny little boy. He is genuinely kind and has good manners and gives the best hugs! He is a fantastic big brother and so creative. I love watching him play to see what elaborate story is going to happen next. This sounds like I am bragging but really, none of that is owed to me. I'm sure he was this was before he even came to meet his earthly parents. It's all a part of his awesome personality. He is my buddy and one of the best things to happen to me. Happy Birthday Keegan!!

This year, he wanted a LEGO party. It was fun to put together on such a tight budget. We had to get pretty creative. What did we ever do without Pinterest?! The fondant LEGOs were made by my brother in laws, Rees and Devon:)
LEGO juiceboxes:)
It was a crazy weekend. Taryn came up to go snowboarding with Jamon. Tracee and Rees came the next day to help get party stuff ready and hang out with the boys. My parents came up the next day for the party and they were really helpful too (thanks Dad for the pizza run)
We played pin the logo on the LEGO. I didn't get any pics but I had the logo printed out and they had to pin in to the faint box on his shirt. By the way, this pic makes him look unproportioned (?) but he was actually done twice to make sure he wasn't!
Outside, we went on a lego hunt. I gave them all bags that looked like LEGOs and Tracce and Rees hid around 100 big blocks outside. They loved their Easter-like hunt:)
This year Keegan opted for a piƱata instead of a present. We were happy to oblige!birthday parties are hard in such little places!After the party, we went downtown to see the snowjam. They pretty much made a ski run out of one of the streets and had a snowsport competition.
Also, Happy Valentines Day!!! Me and the boys spent it together making treats for all our friends at the apartments. (thanks again Pinterest!) Coming soon... Pics of Keegan's first Ski trip!!!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thanks Papa

If you know my Dad, then you know he can fart on command. Gross! Sometimes funny... but mostly gross. Anyways, Keegan thinks it is the funniest thing and has begun his own version:)

The other day, Keegan ran up to me smiling. He said, " Mom! Do this (and then he showed me how to hold up my hand to my ear as if he was going to tell me a secret)." I didn't get a sweet secret! He popped a fart out right then and there. I laughed of course (probably more than a nice mother should) and since then, he has been hooked. He did it like EIGHT times today. I finally had to take a picture of him asking me to "do this"...
Then we had the camera out so Keegan had to take some pictures of me and Brax...Then we wanted one together...
Gotta love this kid!!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012


The big boys got Monster Jam tickets this year for Christmas. Thanks Punkin!!! Keegan LOVES monster trucks. He collects them and plays with them every day. He was soooo excited to go. However, we were pretty sad that it came and went. We don't have anything to threaten him with anymore. He ate whatever we asked him to if we connected it to going or not going to Monster Jam.
This little boy is keeping me on my toes!!! When we got home from Phoenix, (we hung out at my Mom's while the boys went to Monster jam) Braxton crawled write to his favorite chair and pulled up on it out of nowhere!! Now he is doing it constantly and also falling constantly. His little bruised head is sooo sad! he is 8 months old now and as cute as can be. He still really struggles at night but during the day he is so much fun! He loves whatever Keegan loves. Mostly trucks and the big size legos. He has one tooth and can say Da-da. His favorite food is sweet potatoes and corn and he loves ANY fruit. He is not into texture at all (in fact he still does not like rice cereal unless it is really runny and mixed with fruit). He LOOOOVES to dance! Play any music and he starts to shake all over:) His hair is starting to grow finally too. He is the most cuddly and entertaining baby and we love him to pieces.Once Braxton gets up on something, he loves to blow raspberries on it!

This is his latest smile. He stretches his neck and looks like a weird kind of turtle:)Next to music and his brother, Tubbies are his favorite thing!These two play so well. Keegan is the sweetest and most patient almost-four year old.

Luckily my birthday is in the winter months because Snowbowl lets you ride free on your birthday. This year I went with one of my beehives, Lexi. Her family holds season passes and I didn't have anyone else to go with. We actually had a really good time minus the horrible wind and not so great snow conditions:)

This is her frozen braid. It would freeze on the way up and at the top and then would thaw on the way down.

I definitely am getting older. I was so nervous about falling and I was freezing!!! I bundled up like crazy (as you can tell in this picture!)

One more thing... Our little Keegan in turning four in a week! I cannot believe it. This was his first day in Sunbeams. He loves it and we love hearing what he has to say about the lessons and singing time.... and what he whispers to Makenna as he walks by her in primary;)

A Very Late Post-Christmas Post

So this is the remainder of our Christmas trip to Phoenix. We desperately needed something fun to do so my Mom called around and found some tickets to the aquarium at Arizona Mills from a lady in her ward. It was a way fun day with Punkin and the boys LOVED it. Here is Punkin and Keegan checking out some starfish...There is a big tank full of rays and sharks and one big puffer fish. It was the sweetest thing. Jamon kneeled down with Brax in his backpack in front of the tank. This fish came over to him and stayed with him for like fifteen minutes. The baby just kept his hand on the glass and the fish swan around in front of him.BFF's
This cool picture came at a cost. I was severely lectured for taking this pic by two old women. I didn't hear the lady say the octopus was sensitive to light. Whoops:)they had a story time and then it "snowed" in the octopus room
We had Garcia's for lunch and Braxton had me:) I have a good chin for sucking!
New Years Eve.... We let Keegan stay up this year. He loved getting all the attention from his favorite aunts and uncles. He thought it was pretty cool to stay up with us. He especially liked the fireworksEveryone got their own bottle of cider this year. Please don't mind my posture! It looks like a had way more than just one bottle:)
Hope you all had a Happy New Year's too!