Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oso Special and Jesus...

This was one of those night where Jamon is gone at school until around ten. I have the boys and the house is quiet. I am reading books with Brax and Keegan is finishing his dinner (which actually never got finished). Anyways, Keegan was sitting at the table and all of the sudden said the word agency. I asked him if he knew what it was and he went off on what must have been his latest sunbeam lesson. He was saying that agency is when you touch fire and it burns you. I tried to clarify that it means we can choose to touch the fire or not and if we touch it a bad thing might happen. He agreed with my explanation and continued to talk about it. He was saying that it "starts when we are baptized.... in the water.... Jesus was baptized.... and he was born... Jesus gave us agency.... Jesus was agents (mispronounced).... Jesus was an agent.... Oh So Special is an agent!!!" His face lit up like he had just connected ALL the dots.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas Post 2011

It is well into January but I hope everyone had a great Christmas! My family did for sure. Speaking of January, one of my goals this year is to better document our lives (especially Braxton's). I have all sorts of pictures of Keegan and now I am absolutely terrible at documenting the things Braxton is doing. Christmas is a perfect example of this. I have barely any pictures of all the stuff we did this Christmas. All I have is Christmas morning at my parents and some time with my grandparents on Christmas Eve. Whoops!

Santa opened Keegan's mega box of LEGO's and built hime a garage for his new trucks (see below). It was taken apart pretty quickly:)Poor Josh had to do Christmas on the computer again. Thank goodness for Skype!

Keegan is pretty obsessed with treasure and maps right now. His awesome Aunt Tracee made him his own treasure chest with gold dab loons and maps and other treasures. He LOVES it!Big Braxton's first Christmas! He was soooo cute Christmas morningFeeding the reindeer the night before. He loves having this job:)Braxton helped by looking cute and cheering his brother onWe also left some treats for Santa. Keegan picked one of every kind of treat!
The night before Grandma and Ernie stopped by for dinner and gave the boys their awesome gifts. Keegan got these trucks that light up and carry around matching race cars and Brax got all sorts of fun books. Jamon and I also got a special treat. Grandma bought us a beautiful new comforter and other bed accessories. Jamon was really excited about it!
Braxton loves his Grandma!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pre-Christmas Post

Once again, these are all in reverse order of when they were taken. I will be better on the next post:)

This year, Punkin (my momma) took my family on the Polar Express. Dad was supposed to come but Tracee ended up taking his ticket. We missed him but they boys love their Aunt Tracee too! We loved this adventure and it was soooo awesome to feel the magic the kids were feeling. Thanks Mom!!!

This is after Santa came by and gave the boys their bells. Keegan was in shock that the real Santa was standing in front of him. It was so fun to watch!
The next two pics are Keegan seeing Santa's sleigh for the first time. The Josh Groban song was playing and I have to admit the "magic" made me shed a few tears:)
Jamon got to open his present early. He had worked his way into getting a free snowboard from a company he has been working with. So his present was to pick out some brand new bindings. Here's a schocker... He got the same ones as Josh and Rees. Three Musketeers.Is he not the cutest!!!!
Is he not the funniest??