Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another Update

I cannot believe how fast Halloween came and went!!! It is one of my favorite holidays and I just didn't have the opportunity to soak it up. We did get some fun costumes together for the boys though. Keegan was a pirate (he told everyone he was a captain hook-jake but no one knew what he was talking about). Braxton was the world's cutest gnome!!! That little hat and beard was quite the challenge. And yes, this is the only pic I took. There are more on Jamon's Facebook from his sister. I was just a little preoccupied and I didn't think about it. Next year:) So for Halloween, we went to our trunk or treat the Saturday before. Halloween day, we went to Jamon's work for a party and trick or treating to all the desks. That night we came back to the apartments for chili and corn bread at a friend's place and more trick or treating. We were all worn out after that:) Oh... and Jamon is dressed up like an eagle scout (and yes he can fit in his old uniform- disgusting I know).This is my Brax playing with his favorite things:)This is him during the day- such a happy baby!
Ewwwwww! Too bad it's so pretty
Dying for some attention! This little boy has become so funny. He LOVES making people laugh, especially other kids. It makes him feel so good when people think he is funny. Ashley came up to visit a few weekends ago and would laugh at anything he said. Needless to say he was very sad to see her go! Right now he is going through that stage where sometimes he tries too hard to be funny and you have to force a laugh:) But usually he is actually , genuinely funny. This is Braxton's new beanie. We were down in Phoenix this last weekend while it was snowing here at home. It made me realize how unprepared we are for this weather, especially where Brax is concerned. All of Keegan's clothes for this age are t-shirts and shorts. We had to stock up while we were gone:)
Anyways, we are finally getting back to normal. Braxton is getting a little better a with sleeping. Therefore I am getting a little better with staying sane. I went to Time Out for Women and it was awesome. SOOO needed! We are headed back to Phoenix this week to see Josh. We are so excited!!!! Me and the boys will be there until after Thanksgiving. If you are in Phoenix and want to hang out, call us!!