Friday, October 21, 2011

Disneyland 2011

Ok Tracee, I finally did it. Here are the Disneyland pics. We all decided to go for Steve's 60th birthday. It was actually the first trip we have been on as a whole family besides the Homestead. The trip was exhausting but it was a total blast. Thanks Karen Berthelson for the awesome hotel hook-up!

We started our trip with John and Mariah. We stopped at some weird train McDonald's filled with tourists from other countries who pissed off Jamon:)

So, putting this many pics up was such a pain. They are organized by day but the days are out of order. Takes too long to fix it...

Day 3...
We LOVE the Acedos!!!The girls wanted a pic in the teacups just like one from when they were kids. Jamon had to join in.The Allen family:)Funny story. Keegan did NOT want to go on Thunder Mountain Railroad. The Matterhorn scarred him and he thought there would be an ice monster on this ride too.The girl at the front of the line was so nice to him though. She talked him in to going to see the ride and when they got to the loading platform, she gave him a "citizen of Disneyland" pin and got on the loudspeaker. She told everyone that this was his first time on the ride and they need to help him out. Everyone on the ride and all the workers started clapping for him. He got really brave and totally dominated!These two are good buddies
Cuckoo!!!!! These people brought dolls instead of children. They were taking them all around and photographing them.
Keegan's first Splash Mountain ride:)

Thanks Josh for the GoPro!!Day 2... (Spent the whole day at California Adventures but barely took any pictures)

Phineas and Ferb Dance Party!!
We were all certified Wilderness Explorers!Day 1...

This is what happens at the end of Day 1:)
I am so going to rub this in his face when he gets older... Keegan loved It's a Small World:)This picture doesn't show them very well but I bought Brax this awesome beanie with Mickey ears on it:)Waiting for the big parade

One of Keegan and Braxton's favorite rides was the new submarine with Nemo. It was awesome!!Thanks Tim for the sweet shirts!!On the way home we went to the beach. We started out telling the kids they wouldn't be getting in the water. This is how they ended up...That is not pee by the way!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jamon Turns 29!!

I have seen this on a lot of blogs and stuff lately and I really like the idea. So, I will be writing 29 things that I love about the love of my life...
1. He gave me my boys
2. He gave me his love
3. He is the hardest worker I know
4. His blue puppy dog eyes
5. The smell of his skin
6. He makes me laugh
7. He helps me laugh at myself
8. He loves the gospel
9. He loves to try new things
10. He loves my family
11. He let me be a part of his family
12. His arms
13. His drive and determination
14. Did I mention he is a hard worker
15. His willingness to serve
16. The way he laughs
17. The way he dances
18. His funny and sometimes sweet video montages
19. His love for a great pair of Vans
20. He is smart
21. He is a great dad
22. He uses hankies instead of tissues (actually, I hate this, but it is soooo Jamon. I couldn't leave it out)
23. He loves girly movies, including musicals!!
24. He is confident
25. He is tan all year long
26. He pushes me to be a better mom, wife, and women
27. He is my best friend
28. He is my partner in everything
29. He kisses really well:)

Jamon, I adore you and I love you to pieces. I know you are exhausted with our life right now and all it includes but I am so proud of you. You have been going non-stop and I just want you to know that all your hard work isn't going unnoticed. You will be so successful because of all your hard work. Happy Anniversary also. 6 years!!!!