Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Forgot Something...

So before my surgery, I asked Jamon to give me a blessing. Just for comfort and to not be nervous (which I wasn't). My mom and Court were there and Keegan was eating breakfast. Jamon said to Keegan, "We are going to give Mommy a blessing" so he would know to fold his arms. Instead, Keegan jumped out of his chair and said, "Let's do this" and put his hands on my head. It was the sweetest thing. Jamon had to explain it all to him and he was fine with just sitting next to me but I thought it was the best. What a great example Jamon is to my boys!

Smith Family Update

So it's been a rough patch for us. We have been to the doctor's WAY too often lately. We all got sick with that nasty cold that was going around up here. Nursing has been an absolute pain. It was so easy with Keegan. This time around I have had clogged ducts, mastitis, I recently had a huge split and then got thrush which took forever to heal. Braxton was our little purple monster for a while because he was taking Gentian Violet to treat it. We tried some other prescriptions too and finally we got it taken care of. But then I had to get a HIDA scan which made me a little radioactive so I had to pump and dump anyways.

In the middle of all this, We spent some time with a dermatologist for Braxton. He has had some lumps on his arm since he was born. However they are getting bigger and increasing in number. The doctor was totally stumped by them so we had to do a biopsy. It sucked. Keegan was with me and was so protective of him. I felt so bad for my little guy but he did great with the stitches and everything. Turned out to be juvenile xanthogranulomas. Basically a collection of inflammatory cells that are pretty much harmless. Because of the size, it it probably best to leave them instead of remove them. But, since the biopsy, they have grown so we have to go back in. Yay for me.

The HIDA scan results showed that my gallbladder is not working right. As I was waiting for the surgeon to call and schedule the surgery, I had another major attack so he was able to squeeze me in on Monday. I had no idea how much it would knock me out. Luckily Courtney and my Mom came up to help. Courtney watched the boys during the surgery and the next day as well. My Mom stayed until Friday. She is the best Mom and I love her to pieces!!! Thanks Mommy:) But I am recovering. I had to pump and dump some more because of the drugs but me and Braxton are slowly getting back to normal. It's been really uncomfortable but this surgery has been really good for. I have been able to rest and I have realized what great friends I have that call and check on me and helped me with Keegan. Plus, I have a great hubby who slept on the floor all week so I could have the bed to myself:)

Anyways, tomorrow starts a new week and hopefully things will get back to normal. Here are some pics of what we have been doing this summer.

So Brax rolled all the way over the other day. Got his arms out and everything. I started taking pictures and then jealous nelly came over to show me that he can roll over too (see two pictures down).Braxton loves watching his brother play. He fell asleep watching him this last time.This is my bambino's lumps and stitchesWe are going to Disneyland in October with Jamon's family. To make some extra spending money, we got his Dad's snow cone machine and have been selling snow cones to the kids at the dorm:) By the way, Jamon got a job!!! A friend in our ward works for a really cool, new company. They were looking for an accounting assistant and Jamon got the job. He is so excited and loves it. It's exactly what he wants to do and they ear wanting him to stay on permanently. As in after graduation, we might be staying up here because he will already have a good accounting job:)I have said it before, Jamon starts them young with the videos. This one happens to be surfing

Labor Day Weekend at the Ranch

We spent a nice four days up at the Ranch. This time Courtney's boyfriend Trent came along and Tracee and Rees brought their good friend Howard. It was a ton of fun but at the same time it was really rough. I got a really bad split and thrush so nursing was the worst thing in the world. Also, the baby wouldn't sleep at night and there was a stupid cow in the meadow at night making stupid noises and Tracee was stupid sick the whole time. Long story short, we ran really low on sleep and Tracee and I took a lot of naps!

I LOVE this picture!!
These two are best buds. Keegan loves his uncles!Walking up the road to the lookout tower. When we got to the top we could see this storm coming. We had to go back down the road much faster to beat the rain.The best part of the day was when babies were in bed and we sat around the campfire while Rees, and Howard, and Jamon made us laugh.
This is Courtney imitating one of our cousins (a boy)This guy loves kids! Plus, he's single if you know anyone:)

Neagle Reunion 2011

So here are pics from the Naegle reunion. We had such a fun time with all our cousins. It's so different now that we are getting older and have our own families. This is Braxton and his Papa on family night. One of our younger cousins won these beanies in the family raffle and he gave one to Braxton. We have used it so many times since.Card games with cousinsFamily pic in front of the homestead
Keegan's latest trick. He calls it his wing:) I promise I feed him!!!!
First time shooting a gun.

Brown Reunion 2011

This year, we had the Naegle reunion at my family's ranch. The following weekend was the Brown reunion so I stayed at the Smith cabin with Jamon's sisters until then. We had such a good time getting dirty and hanging out with our family.

This was Keegan's buddy, Preston, up in the mountains. Preston doesn't like to smile so I told Keegan not to either. This is what I got:)Keegan LOVES his Grandma karen! He also LOVES her i pad!Jamon and the boys running in the Brown race with miss. NikkiKeegan ran down Green's Peak for the first time. He did great and totally kept up with everyone!Grandpas are the best:)