Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy 24th!

Our stake put on a big pioneer day. It was fun to go with the Elliotts and Mariah. We had the best church breakfast ever (they actually asked us how much of everything we wanted and then they gave it to us. Pancakes, sausage, etc.) There was a petting zoo, a kid's pioneer parade, and then a couple service projects.Keegan, Mia, and Hollis chasing a bunny...

Keegan loved this donkey... Then it bit him later.

My little pioneer boy. Could he be any cuter?

Playing Catch-up

You guys should know how this works by now. I let it all go at once because I can't seem to get this updated regularly:) Just a quick update on everyone...
Jamo- taking summer classes and doing AWESOME! Just rebuilt a porch for someone in our ward. He really enjoyed doing that kind of work again.
Kristen- loving my three boys like crazy. Eats everything in her path but is trying to change that. Working out by doing Zumba and I love it. Enjoying the Flagstaff rains, not enjoying the postpartum depression (working out and Braxton's smiles are helping for sure)
Keegan- funny as helk. Still doing movie quotes. Is obsessed with dinosaurs, tractors, and monster trucks. Loves going to the library and running any kind of errand with his Dad. Learned how to pump on the swings. Jumps at any oppertunity to pee on a tree:)
Braxton- ADORABLE. So smiley and we are very close to getting him to laugh. Cradle cap- gross. Spits up- gross. The smell of his skin- awesome. Loves when Keegan sings to him.

Some fun pics of what we have been up to....

Funny faces...

Our first trail walk of the summer. We had to give the baby a little extra paddingWe went down to Phoenix for Courtney's graduation. While we were down there, we went ahead and did Braxton's blessing at my Father in-laws new house. We had family over for the blessing and then had dinner together.

This is the best we could get of all the kids. Levi was a little impatient:)

We make some dang cute kids!!
Keegan loves to take pictures but he thinks it is the funniest thing in the world when we tell him to smile and he refuses to look at the camera. He will say cheese but look away, the little stinker
This pic really isn't important but I laugh every time I see my Mom in it.
Taryn's birthday was the same week so we celebrated it at the blessing. This is the only candle we had.

The newlyweds- both in the same ward too.
So I know the blessing outfit is funny but it is the actual one Jamon was blessed in. Steve found it around Christmas time and gave it to us. I was so excited to bless the baby in it. He liked it too:)My boys are in love with their Aunt Tracee. I like her a lot too!
Keegan found Uncle Josh's favorite hat and wore it for the day
Courtney's graduation (Dad, next time you take a pic with me in it, please check my hair first and let me know if I look like I have a comb-over)

Keegan loved this fishing trip. Daddy gave him his own pole this time and let him reel it in over and over. The boy was so proud!
First tubby in the real bath tub with brother

I love this picture. I asked Jamon to read some library books with Keegan. I looked over and found them reading seperate books by themselves (including Jamon). He was reading Cool Construction Vehicles.
Tracee and Rees came and stayed with us for the fourth of July weekend. It was so fun having them here. We love those two to pieces!

Do I look like I fit in? Flagstaff moms will nurse anywhere, even in the middle of a park during a packed art walk.

We found the best spot. These guys hang out right by the road and only about five miles out of town.