Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

We went to the "Picking in the Pines" thing last Saturday. It was hot and a little boring but the music was cool and a new thing to do. There was a performer in one of the galleries and Keegan loved the neon art.
Tracee let Keegan take one of her shirts that she took from Rees. He wears it all the time to bed. This is him eating breakfast in it... like a weirdo.
My old man baby (Keegan looked like one too) with freakishly long legs:)
Brothers hanging out
Poolside with Punkin...

Boogers from swimming and shivering. Gross!
Practicing kicking in a tube.
He is such a good little swimmer now. He wasn't crazy about it at first but Julianne kept throwing him in and now he loves it. He even makes swimming pools out of blankets at home because he misses it so much. One thing I really love about my big boy is his manners (most of the time). For example, instead of just screaming "I want Mom" he would say "Excuse me, excuse me." Then Julianne would ask him what he wanted he wanted and then he would say "I want mom." We all got a kick out of it.

This has been quite a change!!! We are all adjusting the best we can. Braxton was one month old yesterday. It went by fast with Keegan but this is going by even faster. My recovery was crappy painful but it was over fast. I couldn't stay down very long this time though because of a certain three year old. I am trying to stay busy so I can stay sane. The mother guilt has kicked in times 10. I feel bad for not playing with Keegan, then I feel bad for not paying attention to Braxton, then I feel bad for not getting Keegan outside sometimes, then I feel bad for forcing Jamon to take him outside for me (not that he has to be forced... he is the most wonderful thing and I love him to pieces). I'm sure most of you can relate to all the fun guilty feelings we moms experience:) I think it means that I just want to be a good Mom. Jamon is keeping me grounded, as usual, so I haven't shed too many post labor tears.

I am very glad to have some really good friends up here. One has introduced me to the library program up here. We went a lot in Phoenix to the story times but up here they do movies and craft days and invite singers/performers and all sorts of stuff. It's been really nice to take Keegan somewhere to play with kids and still get some air conditioning. Yes, I am craving it. My dorm is so FREAKING hot. I am sweaty the second I get out of the shower. Only public places have air conditioning up here and no one was really ready for the heat.

Keegan is a wonderful big brother. It's funny to hear him say things that I do to try and console him like, "I'm coming" or "It's ok, it's ok" or "there we go". He is even trying to give me some pointers. Today the baby was crying and Keegan came over to tell me that he wants me to sing to him. I started to and then he cut in and said, " No! He wants I Am a Child of God." It was pretty sweet. This not working, being at home thing is different and challengin for me but I would not change it. Right now Jamon and Keegan are napping together, Braxton just fell asleep in my arms so now I am typing with one hand and I can hear pine trees blowing around outside my open window:) I love my job.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

He is Finally Here!!

Nine days past my due date, Braxton Conrad finally decided to join us. Unfortunately, I was induced again but it was much shorter than last time and he was perfectly healthy and perfectly adorable. He weighed 7 lbs 15 oz, just like Keegan and was 21 inches long, half an inch shorter than Keegan. We went in the morning on the 28th and he was here at 9:42 that night.

At one point the nurse came in and said they had found out that I did have Strep B. I had a strep throat test the same week I had my strep B test and the results got kind of lost or mixed up or something. Anyways, they started me on my antibiotics and towards the end of my second dose, my nurse Goerge (who was AWESOME) said he would check to see if I was far enough along to break my bag of waters. I got into position for him to check and as he walked by, he got a little surprise because my bag of waters was hanging out along with about two inches of the baby's head. He went and got the doctor and they said the next contraction I would need to try pushing. I sat up to push and the action of me sitting up allowed him to slip out. The doctor was yelling at me to stop and I told I wasn't doing anything. The crying baby gave my family in the waiting room a little shock. He was so perfect and was sooooo ready to start nursing. He was a total expert. Because of all the commotion and trying to make sure Keegan was being payed attention to, Jamon and I missed a bunch of pics- Tracee and Rees, my Mom, skyping Josh from the delivery room, etc.

We were all so happy he was here and I was so impressed with Keegan. He was so attentive and sweet and Having this baby has made me love Keegan even more. I have the two sweetest boys! This is me and my buddy waiting for Braxton to come. He came to visit just before he was born.
Did you notice the awesome painting Keegan sent with Tracee to bring to me for my room:)Keegan got a gift set of Car's cars and wanted to share them with his brother:)Going home to start sleepless nights and no nurse to bring me strong pain killers. But we are finally feeling better and we are so happy to be home.

Since He Has Been Home...

Here are just a few pics since the new guy has been home. I still can't get over how much he looks like Keegan. The pic below is him sleeping just like Keegan used to:)
First bath at home...
Too cute to not post...
Watching snowboard videos (we start them young)...
Big boy naps...
Keegan's latest weird sleeping pic. Every night he wants his blankets in a circle around him...
Grandma and Grandpa were out of town when Braxton was born so they came up the following Friday. We were so happy to see them:)