Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter 2011

Here are a bunch of pics from Easter this year. We woke up early at my parents house. The Easter bunny had visited the night before so Keegan found all his dyed eggs right when he woke up. We got ready for church and then headed for Karen and Steve's new ward. Let's just say that with all the grandkids and only two side pews, and a husband and wife speaking about her losing her fingers, it was quite the sacrament meeting! We headed to Steve and Karen's new home after that and spent the day eating WAY too much, having an Easter egg hunt, and playing with the kids. It was a great day and we are so grateful to have such a fantastic family!Check out this curl. She is the funniest little girl:)Hunting for eggs with the cousins.I had to take this one. I don't know how many more of these I will be able to get. He is growing up so fast.These two adore each other. They even try to match:)We tried....And failed...
This pic is actually from the weekend before at Grandpa Smith's funeral. But it was too cute to pass up


OK. I say this every time but here is my most recent purge. It's time for an update on the Smith's. We have been crazy busy with work, school, the boy, callings, holidays, baby prep, etc.

Here is a pooped Keegan. This picture makes him look soooo big.
I was really sick two weekends ago. LIke, not getting off the couch for three days sick. It sucked!!! But my doctor came to visit. Dr. Keegan was very thorough and professional. He made sure both the baby and I were getting everything we need and then he put medicinal stickers on my tummy. It made me feel so much better:)
And Jessie, here is the bump. I know I have been really bad about posting bump pics. This is the most recent. However it is much bigger now. Along with the rest of me, but not as big as last time!As of today, I am a little over 37 weeks. It is crunch time and we are struggling to balance our schedules and find time to get ready for our new boy. We are totally sucking at picking names and have not heard anything we are crazy about. We are also not looking very hard though. Any suggestions? Remember, our last name is kind of plain:) Keegan is getting excited. I am so proud of the boy he is. Yesterday, I woke up to him running around the house. I layed in bed listening for a while and finally decided to get up. I was a little nervous about what I would find. But my boy woke up and instead of playing or wanting to watch TV, he was cleaning his room. Toys and book in all the right spots and everything. I just squeezed the kid. He is going to be such an awesome great big brother.
So far everything with our new little guy is picture perfect. I think he is going to be huge though (length wise). I remember Keegan being active and pushing me around a lot, but this kid is a whole other story. Last night, I was showing Jamon a baby body part that was pushing out past the side seam on my shirt. Yes, like almost to my back. It is SO gross. And then he pushes so hard against my stomach during the day, I wake up sore the next morning. Like the skin has been bruised. I want him to be healthy but I really wouldn't mind if he came a little early!
Anyways, that's us for now. We will try to be better when the new baby comes!

The Boys

Just some pics of when Josh came to visit over our Spring Break. My boy adores his uncles!