Sunday, March 13, 2011

Keegan is 3!!

Keegan turned 3 last month so this is a little late. It was quite the weeked though. TJ has his birthday really close to Keegan's so they came up and we shared a party at Peter Piper Pizza. The boys got to make their own pizza and play games to their little heart's content. We had lots of family and friends there and we had a really good time. Still can't get over how loved my little boy is. Thanks to everyone who came and gave him some lovin:)
This was one of his favorite gifts. His Papa found this rock in his backyard and painted a face on it. I forget how easy kids are to please.

Isn't he lovely.
They do get along sometimes:)
His good buddy and cousin Mia
Birthday boys.
I swear they get along sometimes.

This is how our kids play:) Bunch of cheaters...

That afternoon, we all went to the soccer field. The weather was awesome and we all flew Keegan's new kite, played soccer, and whiffle ball.
This is how Rees and Keegan spend most of their time together.

That night, we had friends from the ward come to the dorm's little community center thing. It's pretty nasty in there but there is way more room than in our place. We had a cupcake and ice-cream bar and the kids ran around. It was more of an excuse to have our friends get together and eat crap.

Trent brought over his driving set-up and they played Dirt on the X-Box. Keegan loves that game. He now drifts and makes shifting noises for all his cars.
Mom kinda sucked at it:)
I love you Keegan. Happy Birthday last month. You are the best boy ever!!!

Random Fun

A few Saturdays ago, Jerrilyn had to put together a funeral luncheon thing for over 300 people for her calling. I went along to help her out so the boys had the kids all day. They took them to Williams and they went to the train yard. The kids absolutley loved it! Her are a few pics from their fun day...

Keegan's version of a parking lot...
These two are so alike! We get comments all the time about how similar they are. Not just physically, but their mannerisms, how they walk, facial expressions. It's a little freaky. Hopefully I will have rubbed off a little bit on baby #2.

Here are some pics of the recent storm we had. I thought winter was over but this is the most snow we had all winter. It was nice though because it came, dumped, went, and melted. The way it should!

One thing I love about Flag is how many things there are for kids to do and for next to nothing. There is a sweet gym that offers a kind of open house thing for five bucks. Parents are free. Kids get free range of everything and it's in the mornings so no big kids. Keegan loves it and it wears him out so good:)

Sorry for lack of posts recently. We are very busy with school and work and Keegan. And it doesn't help that I am SOOOO tired all the time. I get home from work, make dinner, and that's about it. Putting Keegan to bed uses up my last bit of energy so I don't get to the computer a lot to do things like blog.
Jamon is doing really well in school still. Loving the program. Keegan is wonderful. Usually a super laid-back, happy boy. Still loving cars, trains, and dirt. I was just telling Jamon last night about how nervous I am for #2 to come. I am so afraid of feeling resentment towards him for disrupting our easy schedule and routine and the relationship I have with my Keegan. He is of course my son who I love to pieces but he is my little buddy too. We have such a good time together and I am so nervous that #2 will change that. Is this making sense?? It sounds so terrible. Anyone else feel this way?? Any tips??
On to #2... He has been a much different pregnancy. I am way more tired than I was with Keegan. Also, this one NEVER stops moving! I was telling Courtney the other day that I felt like Bella and Renesme was trying to chew her way out. I could have grabbed whatever body part was trying to rip it's way out of my uterus, he was going at it so hard. He is going to be so strong:) I have 8.5 weeks left. Lots to do but we are all healthy and happy.
Oh, and I smelled my first skunk of the spring last week. Can't believe how much I enjoyed it:) Welcome warm weather and outdoor fun!