Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blog Post Purge

This is becoming a bad habit. Here is another purge of posts. It's a new year, so I wanted to revamp the blog and make it pretty and updated again. There are a few new things...
  • Jamon is in the Elder's Quorum presidency, I am in young women's as a Beehive advisor, and Keegan is still loving nursery.
  • Jamon has started his second semester of school and is really liking it.
  • Kristen is on the downhill part of the school year and it is getting a little easier. She is learning to multi-task a little better:)
  • Keegan is totally potty trained. What a big boy! He is still making us laugh like crazy and still loves Hot Wheels and is now into legos and building things. He loves Dispicable Me and Toy Story 3. He is also crazy about the Kinect (especially Dance Central).
  • We found out that baby #2 is another boy! We are so excited. Keegan is really into babies right now and refers to the ultrasound pic as his brother. I think he is getting it.
  • What else.... I am learning to cook a little better up here. I have had a few good meals:) Pregnancy is going great. Jamon is working out and beefing up. Keegan is learning how to count to twenty and learning which fingers are which (thumbs, pointer, etc).
  • Oh, my favorite thing about our boy right now is that he loves to shake hands with strangers and say nice to meet you. The mail man, men in suits at church, etc. I think he is pretending to be a missionary. He loves those guys. My favorite part is the people's reaction. They never know what to do!
This is the new guy. Check out his cute little leg and foot!
Papa has this cold pack thing and so they got Keegan one too. He really likes to sleep with it. This is how we found him the other night.
Sunset out our dorm window. Love it!

Sledding with Tracee and Rees. Keegan tried this sled alone once already. You can tell he wasn't a big fan.

Snowboarding with Rees, Dad, Courtney, and Trent. This is the trip when Court dislocated her shoulder.
Jamon said this was the coldest snowboarding day ever. All the trees looked like this.
Biggest snow day we had this winter. I think we are done though (which I am ok with).

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. 2011 is going to bring great things!

Christmas with the Smith's

Dad and Karen had just moved in to their shiny new house so we stayed with my parents this year. Plus he was potty training and I thought he would be more comfy in Punkin's bathroom since he still calls it home. But, we did get to see the Smith side a lot and enjoyed every minute. Christmas Day was at Dad's. Once again, it included lots of Kinect, tee-ball, and stir-fry. We exchanged gifts between kids, then grown-ups, and for some reason, the girls have made a tradition of exchanging home-ade gifts or something else between them. The husbands don't like it:)
Kids opening gifts together.
Dad's going to kill me but here he is playing Dance Central.
And now it's Karen's turn:)
Everyone was pretty envious. Last year Jamon had Dad and this year he got Karen. She got him some new blazers for his school meetings and church. He is so handsome in them.
Fav cousins!
Keegan's not that nice. I think he is apologizing for being mean to Levi.

Christmas with the Terry's

Christmas was wonderful this year. Jamon and I both had a big break between semesters and we spent almost all of it in Phoenix. The Friday I got out of work, we took Keegan to Wal-Mart to pick out his own underwear. We didn't leave the house for the next day and a half to make sure he had easy access to a toilet. He is such a big boy. I can't say enough how proud I am of him. He took to potty training so well. Still doing great! Hasn't had an accident in almost three weeks!!!! Anyways. Monday we left for Phoenix and enjoyed all our time there. Here are some pics from Christmas Eve and a couple from Christmas morning. The art easel was from his Aunt Tracee and Uncle Rees.Luckily, Courtney drew my name for our exchange. And luckily she works at Buckle. I got a lot of new jewelry that I LOVE!
Keegan with his cookies for Santa.
Putting our Reindeer food. He was so excited the next morning when he went to check if they ate it and it was all gone.

Riding Punkins giant chicken.
Me and Jamon bought ourselves a Kinect this year. We took it everywhere and it's pretty much what we did every night.

Keegan loved my Grandma Gillespie's Christmas scene. He spent hours rearranging it.