Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Pics

We just took a trip to Phoenix to see Josh and for Thanksgiving. One of the main events was the Avalanche Ski Sale. We go every year to wait in line. The first thirty get free Snowbowl passes. So worth waiting in line for three hours. We were so excited to see Josh and everyone else. My boys adore Tracee and Rees. Can you believe how big my baby is already!!
We were numero uno on Saturday morning.We found a board that was perfect for Keegan. Too bad it was so expensive. He walked around with it forever thinking he was the coolest guy ever. We pretty much broke his heart when we told him he wouldn't be bringing it home.So we are back home now. I have been dying to get ready for Christmas. Jamon helped me get some of our Christmas stuff out of storage. This is a pic of our tree and family last year.
This year's tree... We have grown by one human and many baby toys:) Also, I couldn't find my white lights so we bought rainbow ones. OMG pink! It's the only color I see.
Seriously, could they get any sweeter??World's ugliest ornaments!!! Bought them last year after Christmas for 9 cents each.
Big storm came through. Wasn't as big as they thought it would be (thank goodness) but we enjoyed it.
Keegan put on his thermals to go play in the snow. He left them on and wanted to sleep in them too!
Here is an update on the boys...
Braxton is 6 months now. He is a drool factory! We have been waiting to see some teeth but no such luck yet. He is able to get on all fours now and rock back and forth but luckily no crawling yet!!! He thinks his brother is hilarious and loves watching him jump on the couch. He has stopped nursing (maybe I taste funny). It was hard for me to give it up but it has turned out better for both of us. He is sleeping better at night but still not as good as he should. We are working on it.

Keegan is funny as ever. He starts primary in January and we are so excited for him. Today he went to singing time and I had so many people coming up to me saying how good he was. However I also heard lots of stories about him raising his hand or saying excuse me to answer questions but then he would just go off on one of his forever long stories. He has become quite the talker. He is obsessed with maps and treasure.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Wanting to remember...

This is just a couple random things that have happened lately and the majority of them, I really want to remember.

1. The first, not really wanting to remember, but it was pretty funny. So on Tuesday, I had a pretty busy day. Trying to catch up from our trip to Phoenix, kids, helping family, more kids, dinner. Finally, 6:30 came and I got to go to enrichment and relax and talk to adults and feel the spirit... Ha ha ha ha ha. I got there with the boys and went to get Brax out of his car seat. Diarrhea all up his back. Oh, and no extra onesie in the diaper bag (took it out recently to wash). I had already dropped Keegan off at the nursery. Had to go get him out of the nursery. Started to head home. All the ladies stopped me and my only-wearing-a-diaper baby and told me to stay. Keegan back to nursery. In a weight loss competition so I couldn't eat all the freaking yummy treats. Enjoyed the lesson and started mingling during the activity. In walks Keegan with the nursery leader. He has to poop. twenty minutes later the poop comes out. I spent almost my entire evening for myself dealing with my children's bowel movements. Why do I even try.

2. Keegan was in his room with me talking. All of the sudden he boldly said, "Oh my God." Now, he has learned some not appropriate words from me but this isn't one of them. So we had the discussion about why we can't say that. I thought he understood enough to end the conversation. He then looked at me so innocently and asked, "Mom, can I say Oh my gum?" Yes, of course you can:)

3. Last night me and Braxton were kissing Keegan goodnight. Braxton gave him a really wet kiss and Keegan thought it was funny and gross. So, when I went to get my kiss, Keegan of course tried to give me a really wet kiss. Didn't want one. He was very aware of that fact because he then looked at me and said, "Mom, if you give me a kiss I'll give you a dollar." First of all, he doesn't know what a dollar is. He thinks they are called tickets. Second, where did he learn to bribe (Tracee and Rees)?

Now for a quick update... It is snowing outside and there are icesicles hanging from the roof outside. I am listening to Christmas music and burning an Evergreen candle from Bath and Body Works. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas:) Jamon is now the NAU's business school's liaison for the national fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. He is doing well in school but is ready for winter break. Braxton is doing so much better at night. He only wakes up once but it is for about an hour. I will take that any day over 6-8 a night!!!! Keegan is funny and skinny as usual. He is starting to gag when he sees spit up or hears me sucking braxton's boogers out. He is very excited for Christmas! Speaking of Keegan, anyone have tips on getting a kid to gain weight??

Here is a funny old video of Keegan to hold you over until I get new pics posted.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another Update

I cannot believe how fast Halloween came and went!!! It is one of my favorite holidays and I just didn't have the opportunity to soak it up. We did get some fun costumes together for the boys though. Keegan was a pirate (he told everyone he was a captain hook-jake but no one knew what he was talking about). Braxton was the world's cutest gnome!!! That little hat and beard was quite the challenge. And yes, this is the only pic I took. There are more on Jamon's Facebook from his sister. I was just a little preoccupied and I didn't think about it. Next year:) So for Halloween, we went to our trunk or treat the Saturday before. Halloween day, we went to Jamon's work for a party and trick or treating to all the desks. That night we came back to the apartments for chili and corn bread at a friend's place and more trick or treating. We were all worn out after that:) Oh... and Jamon is dressed up like an eagle scout (and yes he can fit in his old uniform- disgusting I know).This is my Brax playing with his favorite things:)This is him during the day- such a happy baby!
Ewwwwww! Too bad it's so pretty
Dying for some attention! This little boy has become so funny. He LOVES making people laugh, especially other kids. It makes him feel so good when people think he is funny. Ashley came up to visit a few weekends ago and would laugh at anything he said. Needless to say he was very sad to see her go! Right now he is going through that stage where sometimes he tries too hard to be funny and you have to force a laugh:) But usually he is actually , genuinely funny. This is Braxton's new beanie. We were down in Phoenix this last weekend while it was snowing here at home. It made me realize how unprepared we are for this weather, especially where Brax is concerned. All of Keegan's clothes for this age are t-shirts and shorts. We had to stock up while we were gone:)
Anyways, we are finally getting back to normal. Braxton is getting a little better a with sleeping. Therefore I am getting a little better with staying sane. I went to Time Out for Women and it was awesome. SOOO needed! We are headed back to Phoenix this week to see Josh. We are so excited!!!! Me and the boys will be there until after Thanksgiving. If you are in Phoenix and want to hang out, call us!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Disneyland 2011

Ok Tracee, I finally did it. Here are the Disneyland pics. We all decided to go for Steve's 60th birthday. It was actually the first trip we have been on as a whole family besides the Homestead. The trip was exhausting but it was a total blast. Thanks Karen Berthelson for the awesome hotel hook-up!

We started our trip with John and Mariah. We stopped at some weird train McDonald's filled with tourists from other countries who pissed off Jamon:)

So, putting this many pics up was such a pain. They are organized by day but the days are out of order. Takes too long to fix it...

Day 3...
We LOVE the Acedos!!!The girls wanted a pic in the teacups just like one from when they were kids. Jamon had to join in.The Allen family:)Funny story. Keegan did NOT want to go on Thunder Mountain Railroad. The Matterhorn scarred him and he thought there would be an ice monster on this ride too.The girl at the front of the line was so nice to him though. She talked him in to going to see the ride and when they got to the loading platform, she gave him a "citizen of Disneyland" pin and got on the loudspeaker. She told everyone that this was his first time on the ride and they need to help him out. Everyone on the ride and all the workers started clapping for him. He got really brave and totally dominated!These two are good buddies
Cuckoo!!!!! These people brought dolls instead of children. They were taking them all around and photographing them.
Keegan's first Splash Mountain ride:)

Thanks Josh for the GoPro!!Day 2... (Spent the whole day at California Adventures but barely took any pictures)

Phineas and Ferb Dance Party!!
We were all certified Wilderness Explorers!Day 1...

This is what happens at the end of Day 1:)
I am so going to rub this in his face when he gets older... Keegan loved It's a Small World:)This picture doesn't show them very well but I bought Brax this awesome beanie with Mickey ears on it:)Waiting for the big parade

One of Keegan and Braxton's favorite rides was the new submarine with Nemo. It was awesome!!Thanks Tim for the sweet shirts!!On the way home we went to the beach. We started out telling the kids they wouldn't be getting in the water. This is how they ended up...That is not pee by the way!