Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas! Love, The Smith's

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter and Christmas are finally here!!!

So I got up all my Christmas decorations. They were kinda weak. I got rid of a ton before we moved to save room in storage. This little thing though is something I kept. It's not that great but you have to understand that I have been working on it for almost three years. I started it when we moved to the Earll house. Picked the perfect pine cones from my own front yard, painted and glittered them. Hand- painted all the ornaments and hand-painted the snowman and Santa. However, the whole thing has not been put together until now:) Picture doesn't do it justice. It's much brighter and sparklier in person.I got this ornament from my Secret Santa this year. I said I like ugle and funky ornamnets. She got me this weird piece of chocolate cake with a fork. I LOVE IT!We also got the tree up tonight. I didn't really want to get one since we won't be here for Christmas, but Jamon talked me into it. I'm so glad he did. The house is way more Cristmasy.Anyone who knows Keegan, knows he has the world's best grumpy eye brows. It's almost permanent he does them so often.Uhhh. Love him!First tree Keegan got to help with. He kept telling us to stand back and then he would say... "perfect" over and over again.This picture either makes me look like a giant or our living room look really small.The biggest storm we have had so far...

Thanksgiving 2010... Part 2- Smith's

I am working backward's. We had Thanksgiving with Jamon's family on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. But, I don't have the pics with my family on the computer I am using. So I will post this one first and that one later:)
It was so nice to have the Smith's come up to Flagstaff. Mariah was really excited to host it at her new house and everyone was looking forward to the fun winter weather. Mariah used her gorgeous china and set-up the prettiest table. The pics son't do it justice. Taryn and Devin brought up their Kinect to play the whole weekend. We all had a blast playing games and doing Dance Central. Can you say humiliating!!! Keegan and Jamon loved it the most I think. Keegan was really into Poker Face and Jamon is still practicing Soldier Boy. (He will kill me for saying that.) This is Keegan and TJ trying to take Grandpa's cane.
This pic sums up the grandkid picture. Dad making his super cheesy smile waiting for a good picture to happen and the kids absolutely not caring!

Tim and I had a dance off. He kicked my trash. I was very humbled:) I crashed at one point and everyone took pictures. And then the boy put stickers on me. His fav thing to do.This pic would be so much nicer if Jamon's Mt Dew wasn't in it.Taryn and I learned how to fold napkins:)

The best thing that happened over the weekend was that right before our early dinner, we put the kids down for a rest.... They ALL CRASHED!!! We ate dinner, just us adults. It was amazing. A new tradition maybe?