Monday, November 22, 2010

Some Random Fun

Didn't add this to the last one. Old news but a cute pic.
Josh really wanted to watch the ASU game but of course he can't really get that in Korea. He called up his best buddy. Jamon found a way to help him out.We had a new family in our ward come over for dinner. Brian is very musical and found out Jamon had a guitar. He played some great songs and the kids adored him.
Lately, Keegan has had some very interesting sleeping positions. He is so quiet when he sneaks out of bed and we don't find him until he is completely out in some random place. I have hit him in the head so many times from him sleeping behind the door.Keegan has been obsessed lately with a little stuffed horse he calls Bullseye. He is constantly putting him to bed. That horse sleeps all day. But his favorite thing to do is make beds for his toys. You can't see it but he tipped his hamper over and the horse is sleeping in there. Then he lays out all his washcloths, burp cloths, etc that we used when he was a baby. He hates when they get wrinkled or moved. We need to work on the OCD tendencies:)Jamon was very excited about winter because winter=sweats. I hate sweats. Don't look at our room by the way. It's small and always messy. Dorm life.These two have the funniest love/hate relationship. When they are together they fight and then are best friends two minutes later. This is them watching a movie together one morning.Sorry. I know it was all random but we have been doing lots of random things lately. Hope everyone is happy and healthy! Have a great Thanksgiving!!


So everyone has been asking about how we are liking the cold. Yesterday it began. Our first snow. As we got ready for church, we took Keegan outside to watch it snow. He loved it and kept talking about Christmas and Santa. Anyways, I called the fam and let them know we had our first snow, blah blah blah..... This was nothing. It snowed all day and all night. I know this really isn't that much but for me, it is. We had a great day though playing in the snow and drinking hot chocolate.Our astro-turf and snow cookies and cream snowman:)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Save the boat!!!

the video below was put together by me(jamon) of a wakeboarding trip we took to new mexico. for a better video click on the video and it will take you to youtube for a larger video. check it out. its long and cool.

Save the boat!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween and Fall Fun

October started with birthdays and anniversaries. Jamon turned 28 and we had our 5th wedding anniversary. May parents celebrated their 30th!!!! We went them to a bed and breakfast near Flagstaff and they came to visit afterwards. They took the boy to the pumpkin patch and these are the ones he picked out. By the way, as much as that dog drives me nuts, I think he is the cutest thing.

The other fun thing we got to do was tell the fam about our new bambino. I am 12 weeks now!!! Finally! I was not sick at all with the boy so this was really different. No barfing, just sick. Thanks everyone for the advice. And thank goodness for gatorade! Anyways, we have already had one ultrasound and everything looks great. My due date is May 19th, so right before school gets out. We are way excited!!! The baby is coming at a great time and the boy loves babies right now. I hope he keeps it up.

These next couple of pics are actually out of order but I am too lazy to change them around. Keegan cried for like an hour while I tried to get him in his costume, including these white tights. I worked hard on this and he was going to wear it. By the time he started getting candy, he forgot about it....then he liked it. He wouldn't take the tights off except to take a tubby. Then they went back on. This is him the next morning. If you are having a bad day, come back to this post and it will change!!!My kid is soooo weird sometimes:)This was Halloween night. I let his Papa and Daddy and Aunt and Uncle take him down the street. One night of this costume was not enough! And yes he was one of those kids with four adults to one child.Trick or treating with Uncle Rees.As I said before, the costume fitting for the trunk or treat was no fun! This is me trying to paint his face. As you can see, he hated it big time.I even let him paint mine to see that it's not scary. It didn't work so then I just looked like a moron.Now we are at the trunk or treat. It was so fun to see my buddies and hang out with them and Jessie's hilarious daughter.Tracee was Keegan's trick-or-treat mentor. He had it down so good by the end of the night.SAM-I-AM---So cute!!! Thanks Jerrilyn for the sewing machine.Pumpkin carving at Mariah and Johns. Shiloh was in town with the kids so we all got together, ate tons of food and did our pumpkins.Michaelshad a little craft day so I met Mia and Mariah over there. Then we moved all their display stuff and made a little photo shoot area. Don't worry, I am a former Michael's employee. I am allowed to do that. He he.

Update on the Boys

Jamon is doing amazing in school. Just last week he scored the one of the top 3 test grades in his class for American Politics. He is working so hard in his classes and doing some odd jobs on the side, including painting someone's exterior of their home. Keegan is hilarious and keeps getting funnier. He learned how to back talk... joy and has been very independent lately. Drives me and Jamon CRAZY! He is loving counting and finding super letters. He also really likes skyping people. When anyone in the family skypes us, he finds a book to read them (it's usually Green Eggs and Ham). He spends two days a week at Jerrilyn's playing with Mackenns and the other days he is playing with his cousing Mia at his Aunt Mariah's house. Here are the big boys fishing at Mormon Lake. This is Jamon's first Pike. He was soooo excited.I thought these new p.j.'s would be such a fight but he was actually laughing when I was putting them on him. He thinks he is so funny and cool when he wears them.It's so funny when a kid has so many toys and he only plays with two... his hot wheels and his blocks. Sometimes he gets out other things like his mini skateboard ramp or other toys, but he uses them for his hot wheels and blocks. I think it's because those things can be organized. He He!This boy loves the Natural Cheetos that his Dad always has to have in stock. This is the boy watching Harry Potter. Those are his new favorite movies, besides Tarzan and Green Eggs and Ham. Still the cutest kid in the world!Found him asleep like this the other night:)

Living at NAU

We are really enjoying our time up here. The weather has been fun (I don't know if I will be saying that in a couple months) and we love finding new things to do. One thing you have to do when you live up here is go the the football games. Keegan LOVES them. I think Jamon loves them a little more though. Here are some recent pics we took up here.
I Promise... He really does love them.Beautiful, but yuck!