Wednesday, September 29, 2010

County Fair

We had a blst at the fair. Soooo different from the ones in Phoenix. There was a ton to do and I didn't post all the pics but these are some that I like... I think this is the best picture Keegan has ever taken. He was trying to look like the llama.Keegan Hated this roller coaster. He was the only one on it and cried almost the entire time.The ride with a gun was a whole different story. He was very serious about all the rides where it was as if he was driving. He would stay in the same position the entire time and not smile until it was over.Don't know why but I love this pic. (above)That's the weird "frog" Jamon won for the boy.Us. Happy.Them. Happy.I think Keegan liked the bus ride more than anything. There was a free shuttle on the city bus leaving from one of NAU's parking lots.

Keegan Update

Just wanted to throw in some misc. pics of Keegan. That's all anybody is interested in anyways:) He is adjusting really well up here. He spends a lot of time at Jerrilyn's with Mackenna. He is being a real trooper. I think sometimes he wonders why her mommy is at home and his isn't but we are trying to be patient with each other. I know it won't be like this forever... but sometimes it feels like it. Anyways...
Keegan called us into the guest room at my parent's house as if he had found a dead body. We ran in there to see what he needed and found this. He had found and pulled out every single type of board imaginable out of my brother's former closet. He was standing just like this with one foot up, like he had just built the most glorious mound of goodness ever made and he was the king of it.Don't judge me. I honestly couldn't see this. A friend of mine who happens to do hair was playing with Keegan and noticed this. Just so you know, he has a very deep under-the-skull, top-of-the-neck thing. This nasty rat's tail had been hiding and growing there. I chopped it that night. Before I did, I caught a couple pics.Me and the boy in bed. I had no idea I slept like such a weirdo... but isn't he sweet. And he doesn't do this often. Just when he wakes up too early:)
Found this chair at Sam's Club with my parents. It's supposed to fit three people. Awesome!
I think I have pushed organization in my home a little too much!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family Pics

Hi there. It's been too long. Things have been psycho crazy with work, school, wedding, two year old, and sickness. Things have been fun too though. For example, never lived in a place with four seasons. I am totally into it. However, being poor and living in a dorm does not equal amazing fall decoration oppertunities. So right now, I am only admiring the gorgeous pumkins and flowers outside Safeway and Michaels:) One thing we enjoyed was the wild flowers at the end of summer. We have a new friend:) who offered to take us out and do family pics with us. We had a blast. Minus the fact that Jamon had an allergic reaction to the flowers- face swelled up, hives, the whole nine yards. Thankfully we got some great pics in before.