Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Humble Pie

It's my least favorite dessert.

Today, I got to eat some.

As I watched my kid play on a huge playground outside my door, I had a pity party about the things that others have and that I haven't had the chance to have. Then I got mad at my already humble husband for not understanding how I feel because he's so much better than me (nice thing to be mad at, I know).

I decided to go on a walk to get my frustrations out. I walked down to a awesome astro-turf soccer field with Keegan. We saw two rainbows. Keegan loves rainbows. We played soccer and did some yoga. Keegan learned how at a fun yoga "class" downtown in Heritage Square last week. He thinks he is doing boco tricks. Then it started to rain. We played soccer in the rain and then sat under a tree for a minute and watched it rain some more. We ran home and Keegan was squealing the whole time.

Now I am soaked, Keegan is in the tubby, and we are having pancakes for dinner.

I have it good.
Sorry honey;)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh, to be a Mother

Right now Keegan is sitting at the dinner table. We are all done and he has barely eaten anything. I came in here to vent and to get away so I don't freak out. I know kids his age don't eat sometimes but lately he will either "gag" or spit everything out very slowly. Tonight the vegies were green beans and I knew he wouldn't eat them so I made him some left over corn, which he will usually eat. So I am continuously asking him to take a bite. He doesn't of course so I tell him I will help him (not very nicely mind you). I pick up the spoon, put a good size bite on it. Put it half way in his mouth and he already starts spitting it out in slow motion. THAT'S IT! I threw the rest of the corn in his face. Stormed to the bedroom and slammed the door.
I.... am .... pathetic.

One more quick "I suck at being a mom" story... We had just sat down to dinner tonight and a baby starts crying out the dorm window. He starts shaking his head and says, "You're fine. You're fine." And then I went out there just a second ago to check on the situation and he looks at me and says, "Mom, you're fine." Oh my gosh. I need to have a little more sympathy when he is upset.

By the way, no Flagstaff pics. Camera is broken. Sorry.