Monday, June 7, 2010

Posts Galore, There are Four

Just a couple more pics. These are from Courtney's graduation and some pics from before church. These three are like best buds!
Could Jamon and Keegan be any cooler??!

Keegan Boy

I really don't want to be one of those mom's that oodles over the adorable, smoochy faces my baby makes. Instead, these are pics of the weird faces Keegan makes. They make me laugh so hard. Hope they atleast make you smile.

This kid is awesome! He always makes me laugh. The other night He wouldn't stay in bed. He opened his door and I went to see what he wanted. He stamped his foot and said, "Shoot! The water. I get it." And then he started walking down the hall like he was on official business. What a sneaker. I thought the whole, excuses to get out of bed thing wasn't until later. Oh well, I guess i will just have extra oppertunities to giggle with my boy.

A Tiny, Little, Getaway

Jamon and I had a huge yard sale to get rid of some of the crap we have for the big move. Me made quite a bit so we decided to treat ourselves and found a nice restraunt in Scottsdale. It was this older one from the seventies that had been re-done and they did a pretty good job. Me and Jamon wanted to take the bed with us. We haven't gotten that good of sleep since we have been married! The next day, Josh, Tracee, and Keegan joined us and we spent the afternoon swimming. It Was such a fun Memorial Day.Soggy diaper butt. Gross!

Last One Today... I Promise- Family Update

Things have been crazy. Just wanted to inform everyone with what's going on in our silly lives. Jamon is currently taking a summer class and is still working at Costco. We finally got benefits so we both went to the dentist. Yuck!!!! Jamon is getting his wisdom teeth out on the twenty-fourth. He-he. I will videotape and share it with you all. Jamon on drugs should be pretty funny;) I just finished a bunch of cakes and getting to spend a little more time with the Keegan boy. He is silly as can be. Talking all the time now and loves nursery. He misses his friend Mackenna and his other BFF Uncle Josh. He is really into Lightning McQueen right now and BuzzWoody (a.k.a. Toy Story). He plays with his hotwheels more than anything else and loves to count and look for "super letters" around the house and telling everyone what letters he sees.
The biggest news is that we are moving to Flagstaff at the end of June/beginning of July. Jamon's first class at NAU starts July 5th and we will be living in the student dorms. Jamon will be attending the university and working part time and I will be teaching Kindergarten at a charter school up there. It has worked out so nicely. My friend Jerrilyn saw the job posting on craigslist, I called, I interviewed, I subbed, I got the job. The nice thing is that the morning teacher teaches special ed in the afternoon so I go in at 11:45 until 3:00. Then I will tutor for an hour and head home to see the boy. Half the time I will be gone will be during his nap so I don't think he will miss me too much. Plus it will be the same thing everyday so it will become routine for him. I am super excited for all this. My boss is LDS and a super cool lady and the school is very small and personal. I will have some friends and family up there so we won't be too alone, and Keegan's best friend Mackenna is going to be living up there as well so they get to spend lots of time together. Jamon will have less distractions so we can get this whole education thing done. And oh, did you know their "hot days" are like 85 degrees?! It will be a whole new life for us, but Heavenly Father has been answering our prayers and has pointed us in this direction.

As far as the rest of the family, Dad started Chemo, Mom is still working hard, tracee's boy toy comes home in 18 days, Josh is still doing ARMY stuff and loving it, Trayn is married, Shiloh and Tim happy as usual, Mariah and John will be our neighbors, Dad and Karen married almost three years!! This is the little school I will be teaching at, The Peak SchoolA restraunt we might eat at every once in a while, just because we like the name.

A karate chopping, sword fighting navajo down the street from my schools. He was demonstrating at a karate place called the octagon;)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer is Here!!

The lovely Elliotts came down from New Mexico a weekend ago to help Duff and Jerz move and Josh brought his boat down too. We of course had to take a trip to Bartlett Lake;) Here are just a couple pics of the fun time we had. It was awesome to see all of them. We miss them a ton!
These are of the boys in the morning (too early for the girls) doing their thing.
Best buddies Keegan and MackennaTracee, Courtney, and Becca (believe it or not she is due in October, YAY!)..... and Josh:)They look so cheesy in this picture!
Keegan wanted to nap almost the whole time. He just stayed in my arms and closed his eyes. I don't think he fell alseep though.This is Jerrilyn's dad, Marlin and my buddy Hollis.Thanks Josh for the great day!OK. I haven't been tubing since high school. I hate it. Falling is inevitable. Why do people think that is fun? Jerrilyn talked me into it though. I was not happy.First few seconds, before we even started moving, We leaned to far forward and it started sinking. I fell in right after they took this pic!After the lake;)