Saturday, May 15, 2010

That's My Boy!

Last night I tried to kill two birds with one stone. Instead of a tubby and then stories in his room, I thought I would read stories to him in the "tubby". We just borrowed this paticular book from the library. I am going to read it to you now;)

A cow says MOO.
A sheep say BAA.
Three singing pigs say LA LA LA!
"No, no!" you say, "that isn't right"
The pigs say OINK all day and night."
Rhinoceroses SNORT and SNUFF
and little dogs go RUFF RUFF RUFF!
Some other dogs go BOW WOW WOW!
and cats and kittens say MEOW!
QUACK says the duck.
A horse says NEIGH.
(It's quiet now. What do you say?)

We (Tracee was in there too) ask Keegan... What do you say?
He then, right on cue, blows bubbles..... WITH HIS BUTT... and starts laughing.
That's my boy.

Monday, May 10, 2010

I am not very good at riding bikes;)

Tonight I went on a bike ride with Ashley. Tonight I realized I hadn't been on a bike ride in, like, seven years. Tonight I learned that Jamon is taller than me and that the seat needs to be lowered... a lot. Tonight I fell off my bike and almost got ran over by my friend Ashley. You may laugh now. That really did happen tonight but that isn't why I wanted to write. I felt like venting. Tonight I am frustrated with my country. Not the politics or the laws but the people. Especially the women. More, I am disappointed. I don't ever think I have voiced an opinion about politics or anything like that on my family's blog but I just felt like it tonight. Maybe falling off my bike made me a little crazy;)

Anyways... Yesterday was a great mother's day like any other. I went to church with the fam (and heard a great lesson from Jenny C.), I felt guilty for not being a good enough mother, and then we ate until we felt like not beautiful enough women. But really, I realized how powerful mothers and women in general are..... How much influence we have in the lives of everyone around us. We can use it on good ways. We raise the future generations of the world. We can teach them to be good, intelligent, and unselfish human beings. We can use it for bad. The pornography business is a perfect example. The beautiful bodies Heavenly Father gave to us, can be used to poison the minds of strong men and make them weak.

Women today have all the freedoms, rights, and abilities that men do. I think the most important freedom is to educate ourselves. The women I look up to and the women I want my daughters and sisters to look up to are the ones who had enough self esteem to educate themselves in some way. That doesn't mean a college degree necessarily, but a solid and continuing education. Without an education, we are not able to teach our children, feel confident in our votes, provide for our families, or most of all, feel good about ourselves.

This is what made me so upset tonight. The women in our society are failing our daughters, younger sisters, nieces, etc. The Miss USA pageant posted the pictures for the 2010 contestants. I'm sure most have you have heard about this. I just wanted to put in my two cents. I understand, in comparison to Miss America, this is not a scholarship pageant. It is a beauty pageant. But COME ON!!! The theme is waking up in Las Vegas. The pics are of the girls in hotel rooms wearing almost nothing with their hair a mess like they just got crunk, slept with some guy, and woke up in his hotel room.
I understand this is 2010, I understand this is not Little House on the Prarie, and I understand it's a beauty pageant. But these girls are 18 to 25 years old and are posing like they are in Maxim magazine. It is gross. Weren't racy photos what the last Miss USA got thrown out for?? I was reading a news post about it and all the comments. SO many people were all for it. Defending it. And I know for a fact that the ratings will be the best they ever had this year. Like I said before. I am disappointed. I have a very strong opinion and testimony about the free agency we have been blessed with. But instead of these gorgeous girls being proud of their intelligence or their beauty as women, not sluts, they have chosen to show themselves as this. This idea of women being something to look at and not say anything is what we have been fighting for the past hundred years. More in the last fifty than ever. Scary.
Sorry. I'm done. I am new at this whole voicing my opinion thing. Kind of a hypocrite I guess. I hope you all had a wonderful mother's day. There are so many of you that I look up to for so many different reasons. I am surrounded by beautiful teachers. Thanks.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rhino Poop

Everyone I went to the zoo with has already posted their zoo pics somewhere, whether it was their blog or on facebook. I am a little late but I thought they were fun. I had a blast with all my old friends. I felt bad because I wasn't able to visit as much as they were. Keegan is a little more active and interested in the stuff all around him so I had to keep him occupied. But it was still fun. I don't know how I didn't get any pics of Navy but there are some of everyone else I think. My friends have some dang cute kids!I had been talking up feeding the giraffes since Karla invited us to go to the zoo. We finally reached the stair thing, it was netted off and the feeding place was somewhere else. So we went over there and got in line. We were the last ones to be able to go in. Awesome for us. We got to the front and the lady asked us for the money... WHAT????!!!!! Yeah, it costs money. None of us had any idea. When I had to tell Keegan we couldn't feed the giraffes, he flipped. Tears ran for almost ten minutes. It was pretty sad and a little embarrassing. All the other kids just walked away, totally fine with it. Unfortunately, when Keegan gets something in his head, doesn't let it go easily.The baby zebra was a little unproportioned but what four day olds aren't??The Rhino was the highlight of the day for Keegan. We were watching him for a long time and then he strated to walk over to us. If I had known what he was about to do, I would have moved the kids away. However, not a rhino psychic. The big grass eating machine came over to us, turned around, and UNLOADED. Keegan and Ethan stood there with their mouths gaping open. Ever since, Keegan wants to read Everyone Poops for his bedtime story. Boys!!!

My Kid "ROCKS"

Keegan loves rocks. We went on a walk tonight and he strated stuffing rocks in his pocket, as usual. Today was a little overboard though. It got so heavy that he was constantly pulling up his pants like a large, old man. So funny!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Next Famous Photographer!

These are not the most attractive pics of my little boy but it shows what happens when a two year old finds his Papa's new camera. Keegan turns everything into a camera so when he found the real deal, he couldn't help himself. Jamon turned around and Keegan told him to say cheese. Jamon then flipped through the pics and found a bunch of these. I got a kick out of it;)
P.S. Please ignore the crusty food all over his face. I am not a neglegent mom, it's just that he is a boy, he is two, he snacks a lot, oh and did I mention he is a boy!