Thursday, April 29, 2010

New "boco" Pics

Most of you have probably seen these on facebook but I wanted them up anyways. I LOVE these pictures of my boy. My Aunt Tamara never ceases to amaze me!! This was his actual first ride. We put him on and gave him a push. He was so excited that he actually did it.... which is his new favorite phrase. He put his hand on his hip and the other shoots in the air when he shouts, "I did dit!"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Family Update

The background is only temporary. I did it for my funny hubby. Had a little break there. But I'm back. Way too many things going on. Lots of cakes. I am still working as a recptionist in a CPA's office and loving it. Also still at Michaels with my Mom. It was supposed to be a holiday job but I really like the discount. Jamon is at COSTCO and isn't too crazy about it but it let's him go to school. Also he just received...drumroll please.... BENEFITS!!!!! I couldn't be more happy!! Keegan is still growing (tall, not all). He is very boy and loves anything messy like dirt, flour, the dog park, Rufus, and play-dough. He adores his Aunts and Uncles who spoil him almost as much as his Grandma Punkin.

We are kind of in transition mode right now. We are still deciding on schools and where we want to be in the next few years. It's all a waiting game right now so it is a little frustrating. But we have a great family who has let us save up some money and take some time to re-evaluate and make new plans. We are a little nervous but excited to start a new chapter in our life.
These are just a couple pics to show what we have been up to.
For some reason, the hambone wouldn't smile for the camera Easter morning. Way too preoccupied with his first easter egg hunt;)
This is my Mom getting attacked by Keegan and Rufus. I love the foot in her face. He He
Punkin and Aunt Tracee gave Keegan a pile of flour to play with the other day. Weird! but he loved it.

Keegan loves to help with laundry. He sees me or Punkin take it out of the baskets and fold it all. He abviously can't fold so he just takes it out of the baskets. He loves it! He gets so excited when he gets to help with anything.