Monday, March 8, 2010

Lots of New Posts!!

Been a while I know. I put up a ton of posts here and on Baked Bliss. Scroll down so you don't miss any;) These were just some funny pictures from the other day. Sometimes I will let him play outside with the dog and just leave the back door open. I went out to check on him and found him wet up to the knees in dog water. He then went to play in the dirt so it turned into dog mud. Gross. So I changed him and stupid me let him go back outside to play. I went to check on him again and found him covered in gray dust. Can you say BOY! He found my dad's cement, dangerous I know, and thought it was fun to rub all over himself. I couldn't help laughing.. or taking a picture.

A Day at the Park

Just a little while ago, Jerrilyn and I wanted a day outside so we called Gmom Terry and asked her to meet us at a park by her house for a picnic. We ate lunch, played at the park, and then went to feed the ducks. The kids had a blast, even though they were a little warey of the ducks;) Here are just a couple cute pics from the afternoon.

Keegan Turned 2!!

Keegan turned two on the 13th. We didn't want to do a big party so we just had our immediate family over for treats. It was fun tp see everyone and it's so comforting to know that I will never have to buy my son anything!! Just joking. But we are very grateful to everyone who loves him. He will never lack when it comes to people who are willing to take care of him.
Keegan has a hard time holding up just two fingers:)Keegan and his BF Mackenna.Keegan's other BF, Elmo (red velvet cake pops...yummy!)Keegan had lots of help opening presents. Thanks TJ and Pammy. We love you two!

February/ March Update

Not much has changed for us lately. We have so so busy but at the same time, there is nothing new for me to blog about. Jamon has the tough job of deciding where he wants to go for graduate school. We haven't made any decisions about where we are going to live because we are waiting on that. So in the mean time, we are still at the parent's house. It is going good. We are all getting along:) Keegan is growing up fast. He is starting to talk so much. He loves to talk to Josh on the phone! These are just a couple of fun pics of him. He is sleeping in his big boy bed now and one day we came in to check on him and found him like this. I'm tellin you he loves that "boco"...and the Book of Mormon:)