Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where the Helk Did My Baby Go????!!!!????

Okay. So everyone knows that Keegan's Daddy and his Uncle Josh LOVE to skate and snowboard (speaking of which... can you believe the snow up north!?). And you all know that Keegan is the spitting image of his Father and does everything him and his uncle do. So you will not be surprised when I tell you that Keegan loves skating and snowboarding too. That is cute and all when little boys try to copy their dad's or whatever but I naver imagined Keegan taking it this far. For example, Keegan will watch only a few movies...1. Barney (typical) 2. Spirit (I love it too) and 3. Any snowboarding or skating movie, especially Shawn White's movie: the White Collection. For all of you who don't know what that last one is, it is a documentary film about Shawn White and how he started snowboarding when he was a flippin toddler. He has memorized it! He knows the songs, when he is going to fall, etc. So now Keegan thinks he can start young too. He walks around in goggles and carries a skateboard with no wheels on it (Keegan's snowboco as he calls it). He goes down the hall fist pounding everything as if there are other snowbaorders standing there telling him "sweet ride bro." He also does tricks on Jamon's skateboard. It scares me to death. We are getting a huge kick out of it. I have a felling I will be dealing with a lot of broken bones someday! Anyways, the pics will explain everything....And in case you were wondering about all the dog toys, my parents got a new one. His name is Rufus. Totally adorable but totally a pain. He is just a puppy but he is HUGE. It's been a little crazy:)