Saturday, November 14, 2009


I know this is really late. woops! Anyways, these are pics from Halloween. It was way more fun with Keegan being a little bit older. We spent the beginning of the evening at our ward trunk or treat and then we headed to my parents for real trick or treating. We had a blast. I love this little boy!!!
This was my silly attempt at making my first costume. I thought it turned out pretty good. I can't believe he let me put it on him. He gets a little claustrophobic. The first time I put it on him to try it out, he panicked when he realized the arms were attached to him. It was way funny. Halloween night he let me put it right on him and he was totally fine (thank goodness). I was also shocked when he sat still for me to paint on his tarantula eyes. What a kid!Trick or treating with Papa. This is what happens to tarantula arms when the tarantula gets sleepy.And with his best buddy MackennaPassing out candy in the front yard. Love this tradition.The kids were done trick or treating pretty fast. The rest of the night they played tag, like always. The picture above makes them look like demons. Below is Keegan hiding. One of his favorite past times. The whole fam-damily.Hope everyone else had a great Halloween. Looking forward to Thanksgiving!!! Happy Holidays everyone.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Some Rockin Family Pics

This is our fam. My Aunt Tamara did a bunch of pics for us during G-mom's wedding. She does an amzing job! I can't believe how big Keegan looks!
We don't go anywhere without a tech deck (boco). It's so rediculous!!!!