Monday, May 18, 2009

It's been a while!

Sorry everyone. It's been forever since I checked in last. Things have been crazy. Jamon started a new job. He is a team leader for American Alarm and is doing a great job. The schedule is crazy but it is work in a time when a lot of people can't find a job. I feel very blessed. Keegan is crazy. He is all over the place. He is just like his Dad. He even has a farmers tan. It's ridiculous. He is starting to say some words which is fun too. (Mommy, dada, grandma, tracee, truck sounds, etc) Some other exciting things that have happened.... Juice ball had her adorable baby girl, Josh graduated from ASU (We are way proud of you Josher Bug), Gmom Terry is getting married to Papa Ernie ;), cake stuff has been good (sorry no pics yet), We just hiked Salome Cayon this last weekend, and school is almost out. No more subbing for a while.

My gf Jerrilyn, who is about ready to pop with baby number 2 posted these pics on her blog and I copied them. We were trying to get her daughter's 2 year old pics and she hates smiling for the camera. We thought keegan would help make her laugh or something. It was a joke. I think out of an hour of playing outside, we got 1 good picture of her. Oh well. These two have become best friends. They think they are the funniest things ever. I love to hear them laugh.