Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baked Bliss

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Play Time with Cousins

Keegan looks like such a loner in this picture. He loves to play with dirt!Obviously he likes to sit in it too.
This is my Pammy Shea. She is the most dainty baby girl I have ever met.
Shiloh's kids got to spend a couple hours with me and Keegan this week. It is always so fun to watch them play together. Of course we spent most of the day outside. The sad thing was that I realized how fast Keegan is growing up. He wanted to play with four year old TJ way more than he wanted to play with Pammy. He did sit on her a couple times though:) Sorry Shiloh. These are just some fun pics from that afternoon.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Baked Bliss

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Baby is a Big Boy

Keegan is changing so much. I thought I would update everybody with what he's doing. He is walking all the time now. In fact, he rarely stays in one place. I am going a little crazy. He finally let us put shoes on him. We had to buy those silly Robbie shoe things first and then we slowly transitioned. The whole socks-only thing was getting really old. Especially since going outside is the only thing he wants to do all the time. His best friends right now are rocks. They are all over my house, my Mom's house, and all our cars. He loves dogs and playing in his swing and his favorite time of the day is tubby time. His latest words are caca, grandpa, uh-oh, and more. He also yells a lot:) He is such a blessing and makes these hard times worth smiling about.


This was a little while ago but with everything going on, I forgot to post pictures. The Parada Del Sol rodeo was happening in Scottsdale and Josh had tickets. He had to buy some wranglers to get some, but he did and we wanted to go to. We called all the Saba's Western stores to see if they had any tickets left. Jamon found some at 99th and McDowell. He turned his flirt on and this 60 year old lady just gave him the tickets. It was awesome! Keegan loved the rodeo. He was mezmorized when they were doing the barrel races. He also really liked playing with his friends Brady and Mackenna. It was a really fun night.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baked Bliss

Everyone has been bugging me about this for a long time. Well... I finally did it. Baked Bliss is my new cake company. Instead of a website, I decided to start a profssional blog so I can frequently update my friends and clients with what I have been working on and to help you get ideas for your next cake. There are so many of you who have helped me with my cakes in the past and I really wanted to thank you. Check out the site ( and please let me know what you think. Hope you like it!