Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Snow Days

Jamon has been off work for the holidays so we went up to Flagstaff yesterday to play in the snow and see his sister and our new neice, Mia.
We were watching Jamon snowboard when Keegan started chewing on the glass. It was the worst sound!!!
Johnny's car broke down and they had to leave it at NAU during the big storm they got. We helped shovel it out. I couldn't believe how much snow had accumulated over such a short amount of time!

Christmas with the Terry's

Since we did Christmas early with the Smith's we spent all of Christmas Eve and Christmas day with the Terrys. We had a great time of course. Keegan was spoiled completely rotten. the funny thing is, he didn't care at all. Jamon and I felt so bad because everone got him presents and we were the ones opening them. My favorite part was waking up Chritmas morning, just us three and opening presents together. We havent gotten to do that since we've been married. It was way fun. Hope you all had a good Christmas too.

Christmas morning. Keegan got a toothbrush and toothpaste in his stocking. It was one of his favorite things.
This picture makes him look like he ate the whole tube and is ready to ralph!
Opening presents at Mom's house.

A New Sport is Born

Uncle Josh and Dad tried to teach Keegan how to skateboard. That wasn't going to happen so Keegan made up his own way of doing it. As soon as he sits on the board, he bends over and holds on. As soon as the ride is over, he knows he can sit up and let go. It is hilarious. What a goof-ball.

Chritmas with the Smith's

Steve and Karen left for their month long "honeymon" on the 16th so we had to celebrate Christmas a little early. Marah had her baby a couple of weeks ago so we went up to see them in Flagstaff so they wouldn't have to travel with the new baby. I am so blessed to be a part of such a loving family. Keegan loved spending time with his cousins. We all had a really good time. Thanks Smiths!

Meeting Mia for the first time. Keegan obviously loved her.
Uncle Johnny has some turtles and fish. We couldn't keep the boys ways from them.

St. Johns

At the end of November we went to Jamon's cousin's farewell. Andrew is going to Mexico on his mission. He will actually be serving in the same mission as Rees. Small World! A bunch of our other cousins and Jamon's sister Taryn came with us and we had such a good time. I love those girls!

Friday, December 26, 2008

I suck at blogging!!!

I am sorry everyone. I made promises to several people that I would keep up on my blogging. I can't use the excuse that I am too busy because of dang Julianne King who has 4 kids, almost 5, and always keeps hers updated. I will try to do better. I left my camera at my mom's house so I can't download my Christmas pics yet. They are coming soon. however, another very exciting thing that has happened recently was the CELINE DION CONCERT! Jerrilyn got me tickets...last Christmas. I have been waiting a year for this. It was totally worth it. She was amazing, and funny, and gorgeous! We had so much fun together. Thanks Jerrs. your the best!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Hello Everyone!! Sorry about the little break. Hope everything is going well. We have been very busy lately. Jamon just got finished taking his finals. He got a 99% on his Linear Algebra final. Awesome!! I have been working a lot. I subbed all this last week and had a wedding cake on Friday. I am so grateful for family and friends. They have helped me so much lately and it's so comforting to know that when I am working my baby boy is taken care of by people who love him to pieces. We hope you all have wonderful holidays and a happy Christmas!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving was a blast this year. The day started off with SFL (Saturday Footbal League) but I forgot to take pics. Sorry Jamon. Then we went to the Terry's house to make rolls for dinner that night (I hate my oven so I use my Mom's). Then we went to Gmom Terry's to say a quick hello. We spent the rest of the day at Karen's daughter's house. We had a great time.
Thanks Stephanie!
Can You believe how gorgeous my Mom and sisters are!!
When Josh was a baby, Gmom had a picture with him gnawing on a turkey leg. For tradition's sake, she wanted to get a picture like that with Keegan.
Keegan's 1st Thanksgiving dinner. He loved the stuffing!
We played wii fit the entire night. This is a pic of Jamon racing TJ.
TJ raced 3 adults and beat them all!!!
Dad fell asleep. That is Tim sticking a carrot in his mouth.

Cute kid!

Keegan loved watching Aunt Shiloh feed Pammy.

Believe or not, this guitar playing Stevie Wonder did this all by himself. We found him just chilling there. We had to "capture the moment."