Sunday, November 30, 2008

St. Johns

We are in St.Johns right now (we have not seen any 8 year old murderers yet though). We are here to see Jamon's cousin give his "farewell" talk." He is leaving for Mexico City on the 10th. Jamon's cousin, Nicki came with us and she took our family pics for us. There is a puppy here that I am trying to talk Jamon into bringing home with us. She wants to be a part of our family too. She even joined us for some pictures. Hope you all like them.

Jamon thinks the picture above on the right is the one we should give to our families.
I DON'T. Let me know what you think.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sick Babies

There is nothing like a sick baby! Keegan has a double ear infection right now. It started last Friday and we haven't slept since!!! Keegan doesn't want to be held at night, or put on the ground to play, or lay in his crib, or sleep with daddy, etc. I feel so bad for him. However, during the day he is so cuddly and I love having that time with him. Hopefull he will get better fast. Anyways, we hope everyone is having a ton of fun getting ready for the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving! We love you all.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Future GQ Model

OK Karen. You wanted a cute pic to put in your house, this is one of the best I got. He is going to be a millionaire when he becomes a model someday. I was in the front yard trying to get some cute pics and he pulled up on the tree. I missed his smile but I got this shot on accident. I was laughing so hard when I downloaded the pics off my camera.

Pet Bird for the Day

Me and Keegan woke up one morning to find this bird in our front yard. It hung around all day. When we would go out to see it, it would come up to Keegan or try to hide under my legs. By the time Jamon got home from school, the bird found a nice little place to sleep under some of our flowers. We left it some food to eat but it ended up being food for a cat. It was pretty shred up the next morning:(

Doing Laundry

Keegan loves it when I have to fold clothes. That stupid laundry basket is one of his favorite toys

Jamon Rocks!

Just thought I would let everyone know how great Jamon is. He is such a hard worker. He is still working for Pacific Aquascape but he also goes to school full time at ASU and Phoenix College. He also goes to instuitute the nights he has class so he can get free parking. Then he comes home, plays with Keegan, and then does more work. Whether it is homework or mowing the lawn. He is always serving others without complaint and so willing to sacrifice his time. He is funny and loving and he is a great husband and dad. Your the best J

Keegan's 1st Halloween

Last year when Jamon ran the Grand Canyon, his Dad and I were drivers so we got to go along. While at a gift shop, his Dad bought Keegan a park ranger outfit. This was going to be his first Halloween costume. Anyways, everyone is always telling us that Keegan sometimes looks like a little man so we gave him a mustache to go with the outfit. By the end of the night, he had rubbed off the sides so we ended up looking like a couple of nerds (very ugly nerds by the way) with a Hitler baby. Heil Hitler! I also put a pic of my crazy bro just for laughs.

San Diego with the Hills

We have done lots of cool things lately but one o my favorites was our trip to San Diego in September. We went with a couple in our ward and had a great time. Keegan loved the beach. He couldn't get enough of the water and the sea gulls. It is probably one of the best trips we have ever taken. Mostly because we spent 13.00 on the whole thing. Our friend's company paid for gas, we stayed at his grandma's massive house, she cooked for us all the time, and our lunches and snacks during the day were brought from home. 13 bucks has to be a world record for the cheapest California trip ever:)